Julie Libersat
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ROAM is a proposal for an interactive urban exploration and mapping game for smart phones that helps players get lost. Players use the mobile app to get lost in the city and then document their journey as a form of narrative mapping using photo, video, audio and written capture. The project is a creative tool that uses disorientation as a part of the artistic process prompting aesthetic engagement with the architectural landscape and challenges ideas of spatial cognition and orientation. ROAM subverts our reliance upon and relationship to precision navigation technologies and how they shape our experience of our world and our selves.

For more information on the pedagogical research and workshops visit roamgetlost.com

The proposal for ROAM won the 2014 CADD FUNd: Winner Takes All. The CADD FUNd makes it possible for high-impact ideas that need the support of the Dallas-Fort Worth community, to be recognized and funded.