Julie Libersat
Escapes, installation viewSIMscapes, installation viewSIMscapesIslandEscapes, installation viewCautionPaved with Good IntentionsPublic TrustDangerous CurvesIsland, installation view
Solo exhibition at 500X Gallery, Dallas, TX on view January 14 - February 5, 2017.

Escapes explores the aesthetics of public space with works that blur the lines between virtual and real landscapes. Using 3D prints and images from the video game SIMS, Escapes presents a landscape that reflects the ubiquity and homogeneity of a placeless cityscape. The built environment directs our orientations and cultural values through the meaning we construct around the buildings and places occupied within memory, dreams and imagination. Our cities, neighborhoods and buildings reflect our personal, cultural and political histories and imaginaries. How does the design of the built environment colonize space and nature to manufacture desire in the landscape of capitalism?