Julie Libersat
Ridgecrest CircleRidgecrest Circle Ridgecrest Circle, installation viewRidgecrest CircleRidgecrest CircleRidgecrest CircleRidgecrest Circle mapRidgecrest Circle
Ridgecrest Circle
Dallas Contemporary Museum, Dallas TX
April 24 - May 19, 2014

Video installation of footage driving on Ridgecrest Circle, a road that forms a spiral in a suburb south of Denton, TX. The video projector is mounted in a wooden cart and "driven" over a map of the neighborhood drawn onto the floor. The video is projected onto the walls of the space following the movement of the projector/cart. The sensation of moving a moving image creates a feeling of disorientation and spatial disruption much like the experience of driving in the real neighborhood.

For more information visit www.ridgecrestcircle.com